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Forget Us Not
Building a Dementia-Friendly Community

Dementia doesn't just affect those who suffer from it. But also, everyone around them. This means families and communities. However, with a dementia-friendly community, everyone can look out and support persons with dementia to help them live dignified lives.
A sense of loss. A hand to hold. A light to guide. Here, home-grown singer and song-writer, Ling kai, soulfully expresses the feelings and challenges a person with dementia faces. And if we just lend our ears and our hearts, we can better understand and play our part in building a dementia-friendly community.
As much we'd like to, we can't turn back the clock as they lose their memories over time. But we can always help them preserve the best memories in their lives, just as the lyrics of this classic mandarin number describe.

List of Dementia Friendly

See the growing list of organisations helping to build a dementia-friendly community in Singapore.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a condition that causes progressive intellectual decline leading to increasing difficulties in coping with everyday activities. It is not part of normal aging and affects mainly the seniors (>60 years old). It can also affect the young, though rarely.

What is a
Dementia-Friendly Community?

A Dementia-Friendly Community (DFC) has a good understanding of dementia and knows how to support persons with dementia (PWD) living among them.

It is where the public are patient and helpful when they encounter awkward behaviour by PWD.


If you suspect your loved one or someone has dementia, please contact:

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Tel: 6555 8000
Website: www.ktph.com.sg

If your loved one already has dementia, learn about the different care services available at:

Agency for Integrated Care

Tel: 1800 650 6060
Website: www.silverpages.sg

If you are a caregiver, find out more about the help available at:

Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Tel: 6377 0700
(Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 6pm)
Website: www.alz.org.sg