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Dementia-Friendly Community

A Dementia-Friendly Community (DFC) understands dementia and knows how to support persons with dementia (PWD) living among them.

It is where the public are patient and helpful when they encounter awkward behaviour by PWD.

This includes businesses that are trained to resolve situations that arise from PWDs.

It is a community where we treat others the way we would want to be treated, should we ever encounter the condition.

There are many scenarios involving PWD that can happen in our community or workplace. However, with the help of these guidelines, you will be able to interact and assist PWD in most situations.

The K.I.N.D. Gesture

Kkeep a lookout 

Look out for the following behaviour:
Looking lost and confused
Speaking incoherently
Shouting / hitting out
Seeing / hearing things that are not real
Accusing others of stealing his / her things
Repetitive actions that appear purposeless
Removing clothes

with C.A.R.E.

Use short and simple sentences
Maintain a calming and comforting tone
 Speak clearly
 Speak at a slower pace
Maintain eye contact
 Put them at ease
 Be attentive when listening
 Be prepared to spend more time with them
Bring them to a quieter location
Give them time to think and respond
 Use a friendly and caring tone
 Show them care, concern and encouragement
Be friendly
Maintain a comforting presence
 Build a trusting relationship
 Ask appropriate questions in their preferred language

NNotice the needs of
PWD and offer help

Consider their feelings and respond appropriately

Use visual clues (e.g. pictures, drawings) to understand their needs

Look for the next-of-kin's contact details (e.g. IC, EZ-Link card, NCSS card)

Dd   ial for help

If you are unable to provide help:

Call the next-of-kin

Inform immediate supervisor

Inform security guard

Bring them to the nearest Go-To Point

Call the police (999)

Service Providers?

From withdrawing cash, taking public transport, to shopping for groceries, PWD are just like everyone who requires everyday services. Simply download the Service Provider Handbook to help yourself manage situations when they are your customer.

Download Service Providers Handbook

Download our handbook to learn how to help people with dementia in various situations.

Download Handbook

Download our handbook to learn how to help persons with dementia in various situations.

Download Handbook