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Be a
Dementia Friend

What is it?

A Dementia Friend is someone who has the knowledge, skills & desire to help persons with dementia (PWD). He helps PWD continue to live independently and assist them when they encounter problems. He is the eye for the families of PWD who may be busy at home and plays an important role in building a dementia-friendly community (DFC) in Singapore.

Anyone can become a Dementia Friend and we invite you to join us in this growing movement of individuals, groups and corporates who are determined to make a positive change in Singapore.

Check out which organisations and schools are already on board.

More about Dementia:

Simply take few minutes to understand more about dementia and the ways a Dementia Friend can help out a dementia-friendly community. Then register your details with us!

Dementia is common,
1 in 10 Seniors
suffer from it.

Dementia affects
Memory and intellect,
and threatens a person's independence. It is not part of normal ageing.

Persons with dementia (PWD) still wish to lead normal lives and maintain their daily habits and routines. We can help them do so if we come together as a community to support and assist.

How a Dementia Friend Can Help:

1 Take a look at our launch video to see how dementia friends can help out in a dementia-friendly community!
2 View this external resource website to better recognise the signs of dementia
3 Download and read our handbook for tips on helping PWD.

How to Become a  Dementia Friend?

Simply take a minute to register your details with us!

How do you wish to be involved?
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Download our handbook to learn how to help persons with dementia in various situations.

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